Maquia: When the Promised Flower Blooms

This is the most emotionally manipulative anime I've ever seen, bar none. Even the advertising feels like parody, promising the audience will cry numerous times in the first 30 seconds or some shit. Obviously the more you cry, the better something is, right?

Aural fidelity is proficient but unremarkable. Plenty of above TV animation, but the characters are drawn like cute inhuman blobs, lots of noticeable and unnecessary CGi, and an overused modern color palette bring it down. Music is pleasant and fitting, but doesn't reach the heights of Kawai's past work on Ghost in the Shell.

Magic that exists as a convenient excuse to see characters be sad when they cant live to be with eachother anymore, characters who are young so the writers can get away with writing random nonsense under the excuse of "well they're teenagers duh", little world building in a generic European fantasy setting, and villains that are two dimensionally evil, this film plays out more like a childish bedtime story than any sort of cinematic experience it attempts to be. Don't waste your time with this failure.

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