The Hunt ★★

The Hunt would have been a perfectly fine movie on mute. The kills are gruesome enough to satisfy Fulci himself, Betty Gilpin is very expressive and an excellent ass-kicker, and looks good doing it even though she's costumed like she's on a 1 AM Walmart run. But every time the characters open their idiot mouths they undermine all of these grindhouse delights with dialogue generated by one of Trump's purged bot followers. "By the way, climate change is REAL!" delivered as a ~liberal elite~ blows the head off a redditor, as if the character thinks it's the next "hasta la vista, baby!" These kind of cringeworthy lines are nearly constant until the ending few fight scenes that are, mercifully, mostly just the absurd violence that we came for.

I know that it's supposed to be over the top for the sake of making a point, but creating a bunch of goofy strawmen that have no grounding in reality so you can stand above them and say "Look! Both sides are bad," isn't clever or satirical. It's not satirizing anything because it's not saying anything, it makes a half-gesture at the idea that we should look beyond stereotypes and see the humanity in people who think differently than us, but it never bothers to do that for its own characters. Even our protagonist has no discernible traits or ideals besides being a big titty killing machine. It's high on its own supposed edginess but fails in being subversive because it's not making any point, it's just smug ironic detachment. If this is the last movie for a while, then we deserve it.

Two stars for Betty, but she's on thin ice.

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