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  • Eat Drink Man Woman

    Eat Drink Man Woman


    I watched this since my dad was in town. We watched Pushing Hands together, I thought it was good while my dad couldn't digest its indie roughness and David Henry Hwang-like dialogue and theatrics and roughness.

    So a second after that finished I was like, I don't want that to be the last film I watched of Ang Lee's masterful father knows best trilogy, I was reminiscing about how Wedding and Eat were just utmost masterpieces about contemporarily imagined and…

  • The Blue Kite

    The Blue Kite


    Those deep, visceral piano notes will haunt me forever.

    The sibling bond that Tie tou and his niece / cousin will make me cry forever.

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  • Marty



    The hell is this. Experiencing Marty is to watch overly-talky old-school Hollywood screwball kitsch occasionally hijacked by Ingmar Bergman. It's Saturday Night Fever sans the dancing and music, with the existential torment cranked up to 11. A film portraying old Italian widows yapping about chicken in heavy accents shouldn't also feature a chubby Ernest Borgnine sharing depressing thoughts of suicide. A cast with wise-crackin' New Yorker youths in suits shouldn't also sport a female lead whose performance and demeanor are…

  • Eyes Wide Shut

    Eyes Wide Shut


    Eyes Wide Shut is another severely misunderstood film by Kubrick, whose attention to detail and ability to enrich his film's content should be taken into consideration whenever watching his work. I haven't read the book that this film is based on, but, truth be told, any Kubrick fan would know that his films greatly deviate from their literary source. One of the late director's greatest strengths was taking a simple framework of a story and making it into his own,…