Rope ★★

Fun but daft film about two young gentlemen who decide to commit the perfect murder, because that's what superior being do, as I'm sure you know. They use a rope. Jimmy Stewart plays against type as the detached, cynical professor who gave the idiots the idea. I keep wondering if Farley Granger is the worst actor ever or if his dull wooden artificiality is somehow right for the character.

The argument the characters blame on Nietzsche, but that really comes from Dostoevsky or Oscar Wilde, that the brilliant can murder the non-brilliant for fun, is profoundly silly. Neither Nietzsche nor Dostoevsky ever said anything so dumb, though Wilde probably did.

This is the Hitchcock film that famously consists of one continuous shot; it's fun to watch the camera sometimes snooping and poking about on its own, ignoring the characters.