Possessor ★★★★½

Unrepentantly gnarly and gruesome in every way. Also visceral in a gory way about mainly in a pure psychological head fuck way which only someone with the name Cronenberg can do. There’s images in this which gave me nervous chills all over my body—and yes it relates to that creepy image on the poster. Cronenberg also perfectly deploys Christopher Abbott in a role fit for the movie star that he should be considered. I’m shocked Hollywood hasn’t caught onto how incredibly good he is, although a big part of me wants him to stay in the indie lane and do incredible work like in this. Andrea Riseborough is haunting and Sean Bean is really nasty which reminded me of GoldenEye. Any movie which reminds me of GoldenEye has merit. I feel like Christopher Nolan will be annoyed he didn’t have this idea first considering his love of corporate espionage melded with high-concept sci-fi ideas. I’ll take Cronenberg’s bloody version thanks!

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