Just assume that I've already watched every Harry Potter this year, no matter how early.

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  • Cats


    I mean, what can I say? I've made choices...Two nights in a row so far.

  • Cars 2

    Cars 2

    I need to set up a separate rating scale for this and Cats 2019 where I can't in good conscience give it higher than one star, but also loved it. There is so much insanity in this movie which includes but it's not limited to...

    Car murder
    Car farting (sharting?) on another car 
    Car Japanese bidet
    Car Pope inside pope mobile (another car)
    Car gas chamber 

    This doesn't even count the fundamental lunacy of the world building. It's hard to not think about what you are seeing on screen and I will never come to terms with a car riding inside another car.