Edge of Tomorrow ★★★★

"I wish I didn't know you."

It's easy to dismiss Edge of Tomorrow and classify it as another summer blockbuster full of sound and fury, signifying nothing. It features Tom Cruise in what seems to be a generic, noisy and VFX driven pop corn action adventure and its stunning similarities to video games provide critics with enough material to attack the film, its concept, purpose and story. But beneath its seemingly predictable surface Doug Liman's intelligently written and expertly edited movie is full of fine and thought provoking thematic details which make it a pleasant and surprising experience enabling it to satisfy both the adrenaline gland and the mind.

Liman successfully and masterfully injects action and humor into a tragic and philosophically complex story and the end result - fortunately - is a movie that can keep us enthralled and excited all the time. What Tom Cruise's character goes through and the questions and issues which occupy his mind throughout the story are some of the most fundamental yet most complex issues which can confuse and baffle any human being. The struggle to separate personal feelings from your duties, and of course the supremely confounding question: What would you do if you had the opportunity to reset time? Would you go for the same choices half expecting a difference in the outcome or would you be so courageous to forget your loved ones and look for an alternative however bitter and saddening it might be? And how you will deal with the frustration that comes after it?

The essential element of Edge of Tomorrow is the cyclic nature of events and the way it deals with the painful and frustrating nature of a time loop and the repetition which soon starts to destabilize the main character both mentally and physically. There are two things which make us feel the bitterness of this repetition : first the film's incredible editing which highlights the debilitating situation of Tom Cruise's character every time he dies and realizes that he needs to repeat all the previous actions, and second Liman's excellent ability in creating a fine balance between the cliches of the genre and the story's unique conceptual characteristics.

And while there is a romantic sub-plot in the story the film avoids over-romanticizing the relationship between Cruise and Blunt only adding to the unexpected cleverness and joy of the film.

The ending might be a little bit too sweet for some - including me - but without a doubt Edge of Tomorrow is one of the most exciting, engaging and thought provoking action adventures of recent years.

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