Johnny Suede ★½

Johnny Suede is like a student's art film trying to replicate the quirky world of Repo Man and the slacker hipsters from a Jim Jarmusch film that awkwardly waltz around the city and shitty apartments. While the aforementioned do a marvelous job at what they're trying to accomplish, Johnny Suede is nothing more than an amateurish imitation, devoid of any likable characters (Nick Cave is pushing it), humor, or payoff. Afterwards, I noticed that Jim Jarmusch's brother was in it, and another source citing Jim as a consultant, so there's that.

Johnny Suede is an idiotic, narcissistic, awkward, and mainly talentless inspiring musician. Along the way he fucks women without even trying after treating them like shit, makes awful songs on occasion, paints, and just sorta wanders around the city. You feel nothing for him because he is detestable in every way. He has a nice pompadour, but I'd much rather just stare at a Wayne Cochran portrait for an hour and a half. Nick Cave is in it for a few minutes as a goofy, enigmatic rock star of sorts which is probably the most appealing thing, although his acting is pretty rough and his scenes unmemorable. There's also attempts at being surreal with Johnny's inane dreams that again seem like something out of a David Lynch film, just without any substance. Johnny himself is even obsessed with and idolizes Ricky Nelson, which I even consider one of my favorite musicians, but the film's focus is so little on this, unlike something like True Romance where Elvis actually converses with Christian Slater in the bathroom. The entire thing is rather worthless, just like the character.

There's a review on here that only says, "Don't watch it." Perfect.

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