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  • District 9

    District 9


    Such an amazing movie. My second time watching it. I really appreciated the character of Wickus van de Merwe a lot more this time around. A line of dialogue that really stood out to me was when Wickus’ father-in-law said that Wickus wasn’t a very strong person. There was also a part where Wickus’ mother said that he wasn’t that bright. Now, I’m not saying he’s incredibly smart, but Wickus is most certainly strong. He may not seem that way…

  • Brokeback Mountain

    Brokeback Mountain


    Very good. Very tragic. I probably had to pause this movie 5 times throughout my viewing because I had such an overwhelming feeling of premonition. The only other similar viewing experience that I can recall was with Her (Spike Jonze, 2013). 

    There’s some very beautiful shots in this movie that almost look like paintings. Very romantic stuff that evokes ideas of the American dream. 

    Heath Ledger is phenomenal in this. Oughta be one of the best performances I’ve seen in quite a while.

    Well Done, Ang Lee.

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  • Mulholland Drive

    Mulholland Drive


    I’m speechless. I literally can’t think of anything to say about this movie.

    Well Done, David Lynch.

  • Joker



    I hate to say it, but this film is most certainly an example of “overhype”. TO BE CLEAR, I AM NOT SAYING IT WAS BAD. It was great! But people are most definitely exaggerating. That’s definitely one of the biggest faults when it comes to the more Mainstream stuff.
    Joaquin was easily the best part, that can pretty much be said without even watching the film, it’s insane how skinny he got. The score was also very good, perhaps…