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  • mid90s



    I think it’s no surprise that nostalgia is an art form at this point. Although these memories from ‘95 or ‘96 may not be directed at you, it’s core themes of individualism and self-discovery hit hard. 

    But first off, this soundtrack and aesthetic is really all that is needed. The story isn’t too complex or confusing to follow, but it’s a refreshingly vulgar look on the 90s, purely uncut and fantastic.

  • Thank You for Smoking

    Thank You for Smoking


    “That’s disgusting” 

    “It’s American”

     The casting for Two-Face makes so much sense now. But really though, you have to wonder what kind of people work in these socially acceptable yet brutally destroyed jobs in America. Why? What’s the point? Is it some part of the American Dream that I don’t get? Either way, this is a great piece of satire. The acting is spot on and hilarious, so blunt and straightforward that it made me feel like I was in…

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  • Lost in Translation

    Lost in Translation


    I enjoyed it... really loved Murray and ScarJo’s chemistry, it’s very fitting for this film. Plus the b roll footage and cinematography of Japan was beautiful and fascinating to gaze at.

  • Soul



    World of Tomorrow + Whiplash? In a Pixar movie? Brilliant. Gorgeous visuals and a cliched yet timeless Pixar story, “Soul” is catered more towards adults and teachers in this film, and couldn’t have come at a better time. Finding one’s purpose is tough, it’s only when we’re at our lowest we can make it out of the hole.

    Also that David Foster Wallace reference? In a Pixar movie? Nice.