Malignant ★★★★½

tbh think it deserves 4.5 stars for being the most campy and bonkers and most insane fucking movie i have ever seen. like legit you have to see it to believe it because what the fuck. obvi annabelle wallis carried, and the not-so-great acting kind of added to the whole experience. this movie just felt off but in such a good way. i really think it deserves to be watched. 

it sets itself up in the trailers as a haunted house/malevolent (malignant if you would) spirit type film but boy does the genre flip five thousand times. now normally i am not a fan, but the story is so interesting you genuinely can’t stop watching. i’m trying my best not to give away anything, bc trust me there is a LOT to give away. i saw a few reviews saying the plot twist was so easily predictable but like how fucked up can one be to predict THAT. it came out of fucking left field, unless i’m just stupid xx. 

i honestly feel like james tried to make this as campy as possible. i don’t think this movie is to be takes super seriously, because at the core of this, it’s a fun and spooky movie, which i think would have been better released closer to halloween bc it is PERFECT for halloween. 

it is definitely a LOT different than anything in the conjuring universe, it blurs the lines between genres and i think him playing with that is a lot of fun. just watch it tbh, it definitely is worth your time.

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