100 Tears

100 Tears

I thought I didn't like this movie at first. I thought, "terrible dialogue, bad sound editing, amateur photography..." About halfway in I started to think, "Wow, these guys came up with an idea (clown goes gaga for gore) and really really went balls deep. I can respect that." Then I was forced to admit the gore (of which there is A LOT) was very good and exciting (and prolific). Then came the realization that the clown character was actually rocking my world with his presence. I grew into this film little by little, and I have to say I enjoyed it. Independent horror movies are a dime a dozen for good reason. This stuff is fun as hell to think about, to watch, to dress up as, and probably to create. Good on the small guys trying to showcase the things they love (did I mention the GORE?) and putting blood, sweat, and tears into a final product I imagine they love. I love it, too.
***doesn't mean the plot's good, or even reasonable, or that the acting is stellar, or that most everyone except gorehounds will enjoy it like I did... But if a circus clown with a ginormous meat cleaver exacting revenge on those who wrongly accused him of rape and finding he likes murder so much he just never stops doing it sounds interesting, or if you like watching tabloid reporters try to solve crime, you might wanna look this one up.

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