Jakob's Wife

Jakob's Wife

Spending her days on cooking, housekeeping, and gardening, Anne, the dutiful, obedient, and supportive suburban wife to local pastor and pillar of the community, Jakob Fedder, realizes that decades of passionless marriage have taken a toll on their relationship. Trapped in an uneventful existence, suddenly, Anne finds her world turned upside down when her old flame, Tom Low, drives into town, eager to pick up where they left off. Now, against the backdrop of unaccountable disappearances and an inexplicable rat infestation, temptation takes over, and Anne starts to build self-confidence, a whole new attitude, and her dream wardrobe. What is wrong with Jakob's wife?- Summary from IMDb

Barbara Crampton ushered this script for years toward the big screen.
And Barbara Crampton knows from Horror.
She delivers in a big, if slightly predictable, way!
This is horror allegory done old school and relevantly to it's stars.
Aging, speaking up for yourself, regret, abandoned dreams, finding confidence to live true to your nature; it's as if Crampton took the movies she's known for and brought them along with her into her early 60's and danced in their faces with a lamp, proving the genre is ageless and immortal.
Okay, yes I'm fawning over Barbara Crampton, and I do recognize there are problems with the movie regarding story and theme. It's a bit all over the place, with a host of tried and true tropes. But it's a lot of fun. And Barbara's still got it in spades.

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