The Favourite

The Favourite ★★★★

royalty is a facade. on the surface it’s prim and proper but beneath that, as this film so expertly captures with the sexiest of wide angle lenses, is a human being like any other vomiting into a gold-plated spittoon. perhaps a “gold plated spittoon” is the best way of describing such an arbitrarily high status.

this is some of the greatest character development i’ve seen in any of yorgos’ films. i understand he didn’t write the screenplay but that almost makes his ability as a director even more impressive. he consistently extracts the best performances out of every actor he works with. especially in this film he seems to have a fundamental understanding of what motivates each of his characters, and he totally nails the triangle of stifled disdain all while keeping in with his signature deadpan aesthetic. the production design is also awesome, i love the architecture and all of the majestic costuming. and those wigs though!

it’s hard not to compare this to barry lyndon solely because of the characters & the setting, but they are without a doubt two vastly different films, so i won’t get into that. overall though this film left me with a lot to think about, far more than i could even pretend to be able to digest in only one watch. still think the killing of a sacred deer is my favorite of yorgos’ work, but typically his work needs to ferment in my mind before the genius really hits me. i guess only time will tell

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