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  • Promising Young Woman

    Promising Young Woman

    Emerald Fennell probably had some good ideas on paper but while translating those ideas into a film she probably overestimated her "grand finale", which isn't that grand to begin with. The biggest issue of Promising Young Woman is the constant shift in tone. At one point it tries to be a comedy, the next a revenge thriller, and thanks to the cotton candy pop-soundtrack, it even sometimes feels like High School Musical. Another major problem is the casting of Carey…

  • Sound of Metal

    Sound of Metal


    A true masterpiece of a movie with an outstandig performance from Riz Ahmed. Also a big thumbs up for the impeccable sound-design.

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  • Da 5 Bloods

    Da 5 Bloods

    It's not the first time Spike Lee wants to shock but completely misses target (remember his laughable remake of Chan-Wook Park's Oldboy) but the landmine-scene, just to name something, is so over the top that I had to surpress a giggle. Tropic Thunder anyone?

  • Tenet



    As an action movie, Tenet delivers. But Nolan takes his love for intellectual dazzle so far (yes, even further than Interstellar and Inception) , that he almost risks dissapearing up his own ass. I would like Mr Nolan to calm down a bit and make a more subdued film again like Memento or Insomnia.