The Apartment ★★★★★

“When you’re in love with a married man, you shouldn’t wear mascara.”  

  Iconic. Timeless. Moving. Yes, the quote and the movie. 
   The Apartment is not like other classic movies, which you know just doesn’t work anymore. I can count on my finger the number of classic movies that age beautifully, and this makes it to the list. The Apartment has everything; it is a romance, a comedy (that works, I rarely find myself laughing out loud to jokes from the classics), a drama, and slice-of-life. I am in love with the dialogue, there are too many quotable lines to choose from. I love how smart and hilarious it is from the get-go and how charmingly strong they end it. C.C Baxter is such an underrated character in the history of cinema and might just possible be one of my favorite character arcs ever. My particularly favorite thing about this film was how Miss Kubelik was portrayed. It is refreshing to watch a movie from that period of a strong woman who isn’t portrayed as a ditzy damsel in distress or written as a one-dimensional character. 60 years in, and The Apartment hasn’t dated, nor will I expect it to for many a year to come.

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