Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood

Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood

INT. tranatino offices - day

qTarantino: now lets see, ahahuha, how can i get my hands around margot robbies neck ahuha?

*knock on door*

Qtarantinto(shuffling papers): um, uh, yes uHahuha, just a second!

multicultural secretary: is yore 4 oclock mr quentîne

Qtarantino: okay yes, ahuha, send them in

*door opens*

Margot robbei: oi. Whats yew dewin behoind that beg ole desky wesky theyure chap? 

Qtarantino(gulping): margot, ahaua, so nice of u to come errr not cum i mean stop in. ahahau

Margot robbie: u plannen awn setin theyure hydin ya boughnah ore elpin wif moy coat. Getn me coat oaf n me wits about me, i yam

Qtarantino: yes, uha, sorry very well, ahu

*quentin drools watching her remove her scarf as it traces the path of her silky neck bones*

Magrot: yew avin a looky at me chockers down me togs, fair dinkum? Gut ya claws stended fore me sharries? Witchin yew could see me nagoy? Neva tuke yew for sucha bogan

Qtarantino (puts on his kangol hat from django unchained interviews): uhuhah sorry. Allow me to get more comfortable (when he says that last word “comfortable” his top lip and nose almost touch)

Margot robbye: whermi sposea sit in vis ovvice on ya desk, eh? Whale alroighte den long as yure nawt sendin me bedways afta gevin me the ole moloko plus. Long as yuont av me straddlin ova ya knickas wif one of yur droogies wantin the ole in-out in-out 

Qtaraninto (to himself): in good time my dear, ehuaha, all in good time

Margot rogi: yew ave yuh chimneys swep eh quenko?