Carly. 20.
Mom, dad im into classics now.
Im in love with actors/actresses that have been dead for decades.

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  • Double Indemnity

    Double Indemnity


    Well shit. Just 10 min in and ive already said au revoir to my wig. Barbara Stanwyck is PERFECT I couldnt get my eyes off her. Also "How could I have known that murder can sometimes smell like honeysuckle?" Damn Billy Wilder give me back my wig!

  • Mr. Smith Goes to Washington

    Mr. Smith Goes to Washington


    You gotta love Capra's inspirational stories. Hold on just a sec at that speech towards the end! You could really feel the deterioration and desperation of Jimmy's character and he did a fantastic job portraying Jeff Smith. Jimmy was so good in this where is his oscar!!!!!!!!!!! 😭😭😭😭