A Quiet Place Part II

A Quiet Place Part II ★★★★½

Full disclosure, I was as over the moon about the first AQP. The emotion was great and the gimmick was interesting, but I could not get into the creatures. They were a bit uninteresting. So going into the sequel I was skeptical.

Thankfully, Part II is highly effective due to it's unpredictable path with the characters, and gripping story of redemption for Cillian Murphy's character (can you really go wrong with Murphy). I LOVED this character because he's so relatable. We've all experience fear and regret in our lives. We get to live vicariously through his wonderful arc.

And the creatures are more effective this go-round due to actually leaning on them a bit more. I know...it should be the other way around, but here it works.

And letting the children have major roles here, especially Regan (Millicent Simmonds), is a nice move.

So really, AQP2 is more of a balanced meal. Plenty of creature action, genuine emotion thanks to Murphy, and Krasinski's direction shines even more this time around.