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  • *batteries not included

    *batteries not included


    "This is the 80's, Mason. Nobody likes reality anymore!"

    I'm 33 years old. I grew up in a time where network TV still had movies on. Sundays in the fall tended to be reserved for feel-good family movies. Movies like The Goonies and Homeward Bound. My nostalgic Sunday movie was always *Batteries Not Included. It had a real tie to my hometown and the problems that plagued it at the time in the late 80's. Buildings in NYC were abandoned…

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  • Saw III

    Saw III


    Taking place six months after the events of Saw II, Jigsaw and his sidekick Amanda have a game they want to play. He is now bed ridden and close to death from the cancer that has been consuming him. Dr. Denlon has been kidnapped and tasked with keeping him alive while he oversees his last project to the end. The project is a man named Jeff who can't get over the anger in his heart for the drunk driver that…

  • Never Hike Alone

    Never Hike Alone


    Kyle hosts a show about extreme hiking. While on his hiking adventure to the other side of a large lake he is met with a small fence and a no trespassing sign. Behind it is land donated as a private wildlife reserve decades ago. Backtracking would set him back a full day so he ignores the sign and cuts through the private land. Hours later he stumbles over an old fallen sign. A sign that reads Camp Crystal Lake....


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  • Possessor



    On the surface Tas is an awkward quiet woman. A mother separated from her husband but on good terms with her family. Secretly her reason for not being able to stay home with her ex husband and young son is she's a corporate assassin. She kills via an implant that allows her to possess someone's body and she's been able to make a living in this manner. That is until she possesses the mind of a man named Tate where…

  • Eraserhead



    WTF is this. WTF are them chickens all about!? You'll never know. It's the mad scientist of film in his feature length debut after all. The polarizing but brilliant David Lynch.

    In an industrial town in some faraway place, Henry Spencer is a printer. His simple existence is shattered when his girlfriend gets pregnant and gives birth to a mutant baby. Not long after moving in together she cracks and decides she's had enough. She leaves to return home with…