Black Christmas

Black Christmas

A sorority house is stalked by a killer in peak 2019 fashion.

That's all I will say for my blurb. This film warrants nothing more. From the very first shitty snow angel kill I knew that in this case the reputation was well deserved. Watching this film is basically like being grounded and pounded by social agendas to the point of eyerolling cringe. The argument scene in the kitchen was the pinnacle of it all. I was actually stunned. There is a right way and a wrong way to go about such endeavors and this film choses the absolute wrong way straight from it's title. It's re-using the title of a horror classic. One which was already remade once so at the very least I expect some resemblance to the source material if you're going to hijack the name. The ironic part is, I think the original did a better job pushing at least one of these agendas the right way.

I'm not the type to let a film's bad reputation sway me. I need to see it for myself and make my own judgement and many times I end up liking films I'm told to hate. I could forgive at least a little bit of the ham fisted agenda if the plot was worth a shit. It's not. Even the kills are wretched. Most are the annoying kind where the killer appears and the camera cuts away. Unforgiveable, even at PG-13. I never thought I'd say this, but this makes me want to watch the 2006 remake again. Maybe I was too hard on it?

I can't wait to watch the original film closer to Christmas. Hopefully it will cleanse my mind of this absolute dreck. Fuck.

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