Personal Challenge: Name & Name

The challenge: watch 12 films with a title of the form "[First name] and [First name]".
A list of possibilities is here.
Stipulations and clarifications
• The title used by Letterboxd is a movie's canonical title for the purposes of this challenge.
• Last names, nicknames, and epithets aren't permitted.
• Other extraneous words, such as a subtitle that Letterboxd lists as part of the title, are disqualifying.
• Feature-length films only.
• A conjunction between the names is required, but it needn't be the word "and". Symbols, one-word synonyms, and non-English conjunctions are acceptable, including &, +, y, and et.
I don't prepopulate my challenge lists. Films will be added to the list below as I watch them.

  • Jules and Jim
  • Charles and Lucie
  • Thelma & Louise
  • Ernest & Celestine
  • Julie & Julia