The Many Saints of Newark

The Many Saints of Newark ★★★★

The Sopranos: Fire Walk With Me

Look, your enjoyment of this is gonna depend entirely on just how much you actually like The Sopranos. At its core, this is a pretty good if not revolutionary crime drama akin to a midtier Scorsese joint but as a Sopranos prequel for fans of the show, there's tons to love.

It's a 6 to 8 episode miniseries condensed to a two hour movie for better or worse. I can see a Twin Peaks missing pieces esque thing coming with this on the Blu-ray release as it's very clearly got a lot of character beats and world building on the cutting floor. What we see though is pretty damn great and I could live in the fucked up & unstable world the show & movie created for hours.

I love The Sopranos so despite some of the issues, I enjoyed the hell out of this. Stay away from it if you haven't seen the show or if you are meaning to give it a rewatch. It's a prequel that expects you to know who everyone is and where they end up. I'm gonna really curious to see what the show is like right after the movie.

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