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  • Bullet Ballet

    Bullet Ballet


    Day 30/30

    I did it.
    I watched Bullet Ballet, every day throughout April. Not sure if that speaks more about the film's quality or my Asperger's syndrome, but in any case, this has been quite a ride. I don't necessarily recommend doing this sort of thing since it could potentially ruin your enjoyment of a film, but I guess due to my obsession with this one, the enjoyment stayed pretty consistent. On the other hand, I see that my challenge…

  • Sick Film

    Sick Film


    If you've followed me here for a while, you probably noticed that I tag films which include vomit. On one hand, this functions as a trigger warning for those who suffer from emetophobia, but it's more of a personal reminder since I'm (for lack of a better word) fascinated by vomit. Whether it's the nonstop flow in Gerorisuto (1986) or the eerie slow-motion shot in Disgraced Heaven (2017), when depicted in film, vomit has a strangely cathartic effect on me.…

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  • Lux Æterna

    Lux Æterna


    The flames of filmmaking passion flickering before your very eyes, burning eternally. I've been blessed in transcendental anxiety.

  • Bullet Ballet

    Bullet Ballet


    Let's make something crystal clear:
    This is one of the greatest films I've ever seen. Especially thanks to Kirina Mano's gripping performance and the stunning B&W cinematography. Granted, my taste in films is questionable to say the least, but for anyone who enjoyed Shinya Tsukamoto's other works like Tokyo Fist or Kotoko, I implore you to give this a watch. Some may get turned off by the bleak and nihilistic tone though.