Seances ★★★★★

It's your one chance to see this film.

This project resonated with me on a deep level. The idea is that you enter a website (see link below), where you click on the screen to "conjure" a series of sequences generated by code, which typically range between 10-20 minutes. During this viewing, you're not able to pause or rewind the footage, and once it's finished, it's gone forever.

This creates a wholly unique experience of hyperawareness, driven by a heightened sense of anxiety as the unpredictable changes take place, knowing that what you're seeing will inevitably be lost in the sands of time, like many films of the silent era. It provides commentary on how important film preservation is and how people often take films for granted as throwaway entertainment. Remember to appreciate what you have before it's gone.

Watch it here:
As an example, what I saw was a 13-minute sequence about bathtubs and a doctor, filled with glitch effects.

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