Sound of Metal

Sound of Metal ★★★★½

Fantastic film. A friend recommended it to me and for some odd reason I had put it off for 2 weeks, maybe because I don't tend to gravitate towards films about music. In the end I'm glad I closed out the year by watching yet another film that further bolsters 2019 as a solid year for films.

I don't have too much to say about the film beyond it hitting all the right notes to connect with me. Darius Marder has delivered a pretty impressive directorial debut and I'm definitely interested in what he does next.

Riz Ahmed delivers his best so far in his increasingly impressive career. The cast, acting and characters are all great, have a lot of depth and consistently make decisions that reflect who they are as people as well as what the film wants to show us about what it means to find inner peace.

The sound design is fantastic and how some of elements, such as hearing ability was presented is honestly stellar and a lot of it are things I hadn't even begun to consider.

The ending is what really leaves an impact because how it didn't go the cliché root of having Ruben having some contrived realization or everything being packaged in a neat little box, it was messy yet graceful. It was a very strong character moment that reinforced the message of the film, finding that inner peace.

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