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  • Relentless



    I appreciate the levels of drama it was aiming for, and the lead performance and visuals are all carried out quite well.

    But I find it incredibly disingenuous that a film called "Relentless" starts out with someone watching tv, making a sandwich, eating said sandwich, and inflating an air mattress in real time runs for over twenty minutes in a 70-minute film. This could easily be a ten minute short.

  • Wolfman's Got Nards

    Wolfman's Got Nards


    My disinterest in this isn't really in the film itself, or the actual Monster Squad itself. It's more in that we have so many of these kinds of docs that I just don't need anymore. It's all the same content and flow, just different films. Movie bombed, was watched by kids, comes to be a cult hit with no one knowing it, every film hipster knows it now, etc. It's the basic story of the VHS era for every film…

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  • Reindeer Games

    Reindeer Games


    Fuck you guys. It's fun.

  • Death Ship

    Death Ship


    October Horror Challenge 2014 Movie #50

    I don't understand how hard it is to come across a movie that truly captures a haunted house atmosphere, especially when the good ones like this make it feel so effortless. This is truly haunting at times, even as it works in a familiar genre wraparound. The sense of horror is handled the right way, with things being shown to us but never being overexplained, leaving the mystery of it to play in the…