Black Christmas

Black Christmas ★★

So goddamned ham fisted, it'll make you swear off pork. It's not like the themes of the movie couldn't be explored in such a film, but the way it's handled here leads to nothing but full-on cringe every three or four minutes. It's like the dialog was written by a Twitter obsessed twelve year old who thinks they'll change the world by some snarky mic drops. Subtlety and nuance are dragged out back and clubbed to death, taking with it the ways such messages can be effectively delivered. In their wake, we're left with a cloying, charmless, toothless slog devoid of style or grace.

It basically feels and looks like one of the worst entries of Blumhouse's Intot he Dark Hulu series; a made-for-television disposable piece of pap, with perhaps one of the most fucking moronic finale twists/explanations I've seen in a long goddamn while. Even R.L. Stine would see that and scoff.