The Last Thanksgiving ★★★½

Another throwback slasher/TCM-family kind of horror flick that uses Thanksgiving for its schtick, even including an ingenious montage of previous "films" to show the history of the cannibalistic family and their tradition. This fares much stronger than other indie slasher entries thanks a nice mix of steady craftsmanship, good characters/performers, and a steady feel of fun that keeps the film moving. The kills aren't bad either, showing fun and over the top effects, most notably in the aftermath of "the gravy pit." Samantha Ferrand plays a great final girl, having the look down of classic 80's gals while having an enjoyably modern cynical and fiery attitude throughout the whole film, not letting the character slide into the typical wide-eyes and bland personality most of them tend to have. There's a few lulls in momentum here and there, but it has enough charisma and personality to get past it, and it works the Thanksgiving theme in well enough to have earned it, rather than shoe-horning it in for easy marketing.