• Sunday Too Far Away

    Sunday Too Far Away


    While it works wonderfully as a simple look at hard -working shear hands of the Australian range, one wishes the story was complete. I'm not sure what the notion was when cutting out over a third of the film out, leaving the culmination of what the entire film was building up to as a few still frames and a post-script essentially saying "They fought. They won. Yippee." It's like if a Friday the 13th movie ended after the first thirty…

  • Lust in the Dust

    Lust in the Dust


    Fantastic sense of absurdity and parody woven into such a straight-faced take on the western genre, taking the notion of "innuendo" to almost devoted heights. Not everything works as spot-on as you may wish, but that it exists at all is probably good enough. Truly, a western for those who enjoy the drag queen entertainment community.

  • Serial Mom

    Serial Mom


    I really don't think Kathleen Turner has ever had such a spark of joy and fun in her eyes as she does in this. Only way it could be better is if it could take down modern day Karen/social media culture.

  • The Hexecutioners

    The Hexecutioners


    A film that's pretty solid from the get-go, starting with a compelling opening scene and continuing on while draped in a nice atmosphere of folk horror and carried out with a cast that imbues it with a great sense of personality. It really sells itself with a fantastically pieced together finale, nearly free of dialog and carried out almost entirely in stylish photography that fits the mood of the story perfectly, proving that sometimes the most important impression of a film is its final act.

  • Demon Keeper

    Demon Keeper


    A complete flatline of momentum as it tries to tell the most boring story about demons ever penned and carried out by instantly dislikeable characters. There's nothing but cringe-level recreations of Gwar get-ups by way of juggalo to perk you up in laughter; anything else being a wash.

  • The Severed Arm

    The Severed Arm


    Solid flick that doesn't get the credit for helping establish the slasher template early on. A bunch of guys with baby powder on their faces go from 0 to 60 in terms of eating one of their friends for survival and get a hankering for forearm, only to get offed in similar fetishist ways years after being rescued. The whole movie feels like a visual embodiment of that 70's/80's wood grain design choice imbued with mahogany, bell bottoms, smoky mustaches,…

  • Don't Go in the Woods

    Don't Go in the Woods


    Didn't enjoy this much on my first viewing. I guess eight years of time, a new HD transfer, a glass of scotch, and some pineapple-habanero flavored almonds helps it become a much more fun re-watch. It's just so unabashedly stupid, whether intentional or not, that it becomes deliriously funny at times, to the point that I had to start taking my notes:

    - Dick looks and dresses like a 45-year old Luke Skywalker if he had given up and saddled…

  • The 8th Plague

    The 8th Plague


    Primarily, all of the exact bullet points you'd imagine from a no-budget indie zombie-ish flick. While saddled with those beats/trappings, it at least has a kind of surreal feel to it, thanks to the low budget and the way it comes across visually, screaming forward with high contrast and dingy locations. A decent cast helps smooth over some of the rough edges.

  • Desperation



    I read the book roughly twenty five years ago when it was first released (jesus, I'm fucking feeling old nowadays...) and I remember loving the first half, with all of the mystery behind what's going on feeling dark and dangerous pulling you in as you read it. The book eventually spiraled up into its own ass with heavy handed religious themes and constant theorizing and exposition laded conversations that were as skillfully handled as throwing a brick at a typewriter.…

  • Further Up the Creek

    Further Up the Creek


    More lively and focused than the first, offering pretty much constant farce/sitcom style laughs without feeling too long in the tooth. Odd to say, but Tomlinson seemed to have much more chemistry with Howerd than Sellers.

  • The Village in the Woods

    The Village in the Woods


    Respectable attempt at folk horror, managing to work up an appropriate atmosphere for the setting and hitting the right notes for most of the film. It's just too deadly dull and uneventful to really get into, and the finale comes across as being overly goofy in such an otherwise self-serious film.

  • Bring Me a Dream

    Bring Me a Dream


    I can appreciate the attempt at creating a Freddy Krueger-ish flick when not many else are doing so, but feels too slapdash and lifeless to work. There's not a single person that doesn't feel like it was picked up from the trope store, and there's no effort to inject them with any unique traits. The villain strikes a decent image at times, but doesn't really intimidate, being more forgettable as the film goes. It never recovers from how cheap and…