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  • Knives Out
  • Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse
  • Parasite
  • Gladiator

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  • Stop Making Sense

  • O.J.: Made in America

  • The Way I See It

  • Anatomy of a Murder


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  • Anatomy of a Murder

    Anatomy of a Murder


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    Such an interesting court drama. Was the guy guilty? The movie never really says. What is the truth? Who knows. But it kept my attention through it. Watching the court scenes was not a chore nor were they boring as some other court procedurals can be. I don't know. Maybe watch this if you and a decent ambiguous ending but it is a good movie non-the-less.

  • Labyrinth



    This is one of my favorite movies. This is where I first fell in love with David Bowie and Jim Henson. The puppetry and special effects work are fantastic, especially the Escher stairways scene, which is my favorite. The whole story is intriguing and fun and the aesthetic is wonderful.

Popular reviews

  • Inception



    This is one of my favorite all-time movies. Everyone's performance is brilliant. Camerawork, fantastic. Visual effects, above and beyond. Musical scoring, awesome. Writing, top-notch. This might be my favorite Nolan movie. All of it is just a great watch. The emotion portrayed from Leo trying to get to his kids is just heartbreaking. The action is great and knowing that many of the stunts performed are real and not just a camera trick is why Christopher Nolan is such a great director. I will always watch this movie over and over again.

  • Black Widow

    Black Widow


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    A good addition overall to the Marvel universe. All the new cast members as so good in their roles but Florence Pugh takes the cake. She is by far one of my favorite new actresses to enter into my current film knowledge and I absolutely love her as Yelena Belova. I do feel like they wasted Taskmaster as a villain a bit and a few of the action sequences were shakey cam and cut to all hell. Why they chose…