Halloween Kills

Halloween Kills ★★

Halloween kills did kill one thing all right. It killed any excitement I had left for this trilogy.
I've been a fan of the Halloween series my whole life. I've seen its highs and very, very many lows. While Halloween kills isn't the worst of the bunch,  it rightly deserve it's place right down there with them.
Halloween Kills suffers from a classic case of a sequel being made for the sake of making a sequel. It's a soulless cash grab that doesn't even try to expand upon the ideas, themes, or story of the previous one. If anything, it takes every step the previous installment took and back tracks them. The only thing this film expands upon and adds is that all the problems I had with the reboot are not only present again, they double up and add more. It is completely a waste of time, and it just feels like filler to get to the next installment. 
If we are going to talk about the cons, let's first talk about the story...... Well, I would if there were one to be found. If you've watched the trailer, you have basically seen the whole movie. The plot, or lack thereof, is just so dull and boring. The flashbacks to the original are absolutely unnecessary and add nothing to the original, but almost ruin the brilliance that was John Carpenter's original, and quite honestly, that's what a lot of this film does but will get to that in a minute. The movie had absolutely zero suspense or any atmosphere. It's just filled with over the top gruesome kills that are just there to get shock value and to look cool for the audience. While some admittedly look really cool and have some interesting cinematography, they're still cheap and soulless. Speaking of the kills, it's time to bring up the pacing of this film.It's so awful it just feels like the film is rushing to get to the quickest kill as fast as it can, probably because the editing team knows that's all the film has got going for it. 
The biggest flaw in this movie is the characters and the whole town. I know it's a slasher and you're not supposed to get the most interesting characters or the smartest. With that being said, every single character in this movie is some of the most mind-numbing, infuriating characters I've seen in a long time, which is a tragedy because the biggest examples are the legacy characters like Nurse Chambers and especially Tommy Doyle. The hate mob is so painstakingly hand-fisted with social commentary but is written so awfully that all you can really do is face palm. It doesn't really help that I watched US (2019) for the first time right before this. Which I should be doing a review of because that was a master class in psychological horror with social commentary.
Tangent aside, there's only really one positive thing about this movie, and that's the score. John Carpenter always blows it out of the water with his soundtracks. 
The only thing I can hope for when Halloween ends comes out is that it puts an end to the Halloween franchise. At least for the next 10 to 5 years before the company shamelessly wants to make money again.

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