Possessor ★★★★

I really dug this. A clever concept brought to life with some slick cinematography and some of the most gruesome practical effects in recent memory. I squirmed and squealed when the film hits its most climactic moments, and I sat entranced and engaged by all the rich scene-work and the scientific aspects of its more subtle moments. I love body horror, and I love sci-fi done well, so to see such a beautiful hybrid was really pleasing to see! I also can’t believe Andrea Riseborough and Christopher Abbott aren’t talked about more as performers, for they handle some pretty challenging character work and emotional gymnastics with such ease and skill. I have a feeling Brandon Carpenter will not only build a successful career for himself as a horror director, but could potentially stand amongst the greats, alongside his father David Cronenberg. I haven’t stopped thinking about this film since I watched it, and I will certainly be thinking about it for a while longer.