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  • The Mad Bomber

    The Mad Bomber


    Such a weird and tasteless concept. Serial rapist, a mad bomber, and crooked cop go head to head to head. Well. The cop and rapist sort of team up. Clearly a ripoff of Dirty Harry. But probably overreaches.  Bert Gordon, Neville Brand, Chuck Connors. Everyone was hard up for money. Connors character is going all out for revenge blowin up everything he assumes committed to his daughter’s death — including a Women’s Lib/Womyn meeting where he hides the bomb under…

  • Jasper Mall

    Jasper Mall


    Lofi vaporwave Harry Crews on melatonin but everyone is agreeable and nice.  Life and death represented by a dying mall. My favorite film of 2020.  Joe Exotic can go fuck right off. The Jasper  poop Smith is my tiger king. A real treat for fans of early Errol Morris and maybe Wiseman. I wish more documentaries were like this.

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  • Untitled Twisted Pair sequel

    Untitled Twisted Pair sequel

    The only hope for our future.

  • Possession



    Removed half a star because she didn’t clean up egg and just left it there for someone else to clean up. Added half a star because she finished the scene by saying “I guess the yolks on me!”  My kids had a good laugh at that. So did I. I hope I regain partial custody someday.