Y Tu Mamá También

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This review may contain spoilers.

“Life is like the foam, so give yourself away like the sea“

“Y Tu Mamá También” is a beautiful love story about three unlikely individuals finding themselves in the short time they have together. And it’s the horniest road trip film ever made! However, the ending always gets me choked up, and keeps me at a loss for words. The finale is indeed sad, but in a way it’s also inspiring. Luisa knew what her fate would be, and she took the time she had left to learn to love herself. The two friends Julio and Tenoch, might have lost their connection; but they gave something remarkably special to Luisa. Plus, I feel the trip helped both of the boys to mature as adults. This is an emotionally potent experience with breathtaking cinematography. Every shot is perfectly calculated and makes the viewer feel as if they’re in the car with these characters. Funny, touching, honest and incredibly human.

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