The Mitchells vs. The Machines

The Mitchells vs. The Machines ★★★½

"My parents haven't figured me out yet... To be fair, it a while to figure myself out."

A film about family connections and technology couldn't have come at a more relevant time: it seems now that no one is a stranger to contacting friends and loved ones across a screen.
I went into The Mitchells VS The Machines with mixed expectations, and when it finished, I was absolutely in love with it. It's a film that (despite it's admittedly generic structure and concept) is still incredibly entertaining, exciting, uplifting, funny, imaginative and touching. It's a film packed full of fast-paced, over-the-top, distinctive and laugh-out-loud humour, as well as a lot of heart. I had the biggest smile on my face through a lot of this film (and I must admit I even teared up at one point). Not all the humour worked, as some jokes could feel like they were trying way too hard (or it some jokes were sometimes a little dated), and therefore certain comedic beats were very repetitive and grating. I also feel like the commentary made on large corporations lacked nuance and was a bit on the nose.
As I mentioned before, the plot is very basic and follows some very familiar story-beats, but this is excused by the unique and insanely relatable characters (which are complemented by some mostly great performances), as well as the satisfying attention to narrative set-up and pay-off.
It's very promising to see a Queer protagonist like Katie, as her Queer characterisation is a lot more obvious and integral to her character arc than other Queercoded/Queer-bait characters in Kids films.
I won't be able to do this film justice without giving credit to the fantastic animation. The use of colour is unbelievably stunning; the incorporation of varied and stylish animation is truly magnificent (there's a fascinating blend of 2D and 3D styles); and also there is so much attention to detail (lots of intriguing film references). There are so many mind-blowing shots, that make me kind of wish I could see this film on a large cinema screen. There's also a pretty nice Synthesised score tying everything together as well (there's also a very well put together soundtrack in general).
In conclusion, The Mitchells VS The Machines really surprised me. It's another film that unexpectedly connected with me quite personally. It's a creative, energetic and heartwarming film.

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