Black Christmas

Black Christmas

Completely ineffective in its horror and feels totally out of touch with the two other movies. There’s no subtlety to any of it and it strays about as far as possible from the source material, beyond a couple of cheap homages. It does mean well in its social commentary, but it’s way too on-the-nose and just generally a forgettable movie.

Taking a movie like Black Christmas and updating in a way that shoots down gross frat-boy culture isn’t a bad idea, but the execution is so painfully forced in both the script & acting that it becomes more cringe-inducing than anything else.  

My problems didn’t lie in the subject matter, having the protagonist deal with the trauma of being sexually assaulted felt like a more necessary update to the original’s abortion sub-plot and it should’ve worked really well, but next
the lacklustre kills, terrible antagonist and bland characters, it just came across as a little exploitative. 

I also feel like it’s exploiting the Black Christmas name in a way, yes they’re sorority sisters and yes it takes place at Christmas, but beyond that this movie tells an entirely different story that would’ve probably benefitted from a different title. 

Being a PG-13, there’s not a lot of violence and the kills are all pretty forgettable, though I did really like the opening icicle stab. I honestly couldn’t believe my eyes when it got the finale, a literal final battle between the sorority sisters and frat brothers - it kind of ruled to be honest, but within the context of the movie it was just bizarre. 

It’s not a total dud, the frat-house song the sisters perform was a good scene and Imogen Poots added a little bit of range to the acting, but beyond that I didn’t really like this too much. If you want an overtly feminist thriller that’s actually good check out Assassination Nation, if you want it more subtle then just watch the original Black Christmas.

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