The Favourite

The Favourite ★★★★½

That ending wow. The rhythm and overly sexual, overly horrific, movement - these final moments solidify The Favourite as one of the great films. In those final kaleoscopic images Yorgos summarizes all the film has said and achieves a level of madness that all previous fish eyed shots only hint at. All three actresses are doing career best work here. Colman’s delighted face as she watches a wedding, Stone giving a very unenthusiastic hand job, Weisz’s stance as she wanders halls of the palace. This is a remarkable achievement by everyone involved. Benefits from its onslaught of language how frequently the word cunt is dropped, a line about offering someone’s asshole to syphillic soldiers only contrasts the regal and beautiful costumes, meals, and lighting of the palace. Love love love this movie

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