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  • Palm Springs

    Palm Springs


    Sad boy shit? You know I’m in. As long as art has been a thing, we’ve questioned why we are around. And what I enjoyed about this film is that it takes the question even further: if our lives are meaningless,’if this existence is nothing—how does love fit into that equation? 

    The cross between existential dread and romance aren’t new at all but I enjoy how it’s packaged in this movie. It’s a very fun version of a familiar twist…

  • The Assistant

    The Assistant


    Stylistically, this movie is a powerhouse. It’s quiet moments stand out due to its slice of life nature. And you’re pulled in to just a day of this assistant’s life.

    It’s extreme understated nature speaks to how much actions of people such as Weinstein’s harassment and assault were just every day nature

    With all that being said, the matter of fact approach of the movie and its almost cinema verite feel can make it hard to watch later in the day. I did find myself dozing off. But man, it’s so well shot and well directed. Just don’t watch it three drinks on a Friday evening

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  • Me and Earl and the Dying Girl

    Me and Earl and the Dying Girl


    After re-watching this movie, I’m upgrading to five stars due to one word: composition. Yes, the cast is fantastic. Yes, it’s a solid story. Yes, there are some laugh out loud moments of dry humor. But the composition of shots in this movie is so astounding that it’s what takes the take. Yes, Gomez-Rejón was heavily inspired by other filmmakers but he brought a straight forward teen rom com to an artistic level with the chances he and cinematographer Chung-hoon Chung took. 

    God, I love this fucking movie.

  • Tigertail



    The movie unfolds a book. It’s patient. It wanders. It’s very naturalistic. It’s lead, Tzi Ma, delivers a quiet but moving performance. This film will draw comparisons to The Farewell and Beale Street, which is fair, but I feel like this movie a was quieter than those films in a good way. The prior mentioned are two of my favorite films from the last few years, but Tigertail reminds me how powerful a quiet moment can be. Yang’s script and…