No Time to Die

No Time to Die ★★★

Probably the most Bond of the entire Daniel Craig run. Which I think is a good thing. It was good to see Craig be charming again cause he’s so fucking good at it. The series also made a very conscious effort to do right by its female characters which didn’t feel too winky. 

I think the strength of this movie, along with all Bond movies, is when they don’t take themselves too seriously. Although I love most Bond movies, the Craig run often fell victim to what I call the Nolan effect. Taking an otherwise entertaining franchise and making it “dark”.

There were definitely remnants of that in this script but this movie sang when it was just being a very fun, dumb spy movie. I could do without Rami Malek’s villain straight out of David S. Goyer’s spank bank. Don’t need Ralph Fiennes sitting and brooding. I’d be perfectly happy without dimly lit scenes in a Bond movie.

No. All I need is Bond being charming as hell, explosions, and eye candy for the whole family. And since there was more of that than the former, No Time To Die is a fitting farewell to the Bond I mostly grew up with.

Every Thanksgiving, my father would sit me down to watch Bond movies with him. I look forward to showing my kids the Daniel Craig Bond.

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