Clockwatchers ★★★★★

A really great satirical comedy that has those Spike Jonze feels. Kinda surreal, kinda real and says so much about the era it was made. Showered in shopper’s Muzak it makes the scenes in the office both painful and subtextual! Its humor is beneath the surface, which I love. Not formulaic or dependent on the punchline, has that independent nineties dry flair. I hate Friends, so please don’t, but Lisa Kudrow is fun to watch as bubbly flirt. Then Parker Posey looking cool as hell in her chunky heels and black dress — she’s like my idealized self. It takes a certain breadth of office humor to sustain entertainment, and this one is realizing the cubicle Mean Girls of third-wave feminism with more heart. This is an unsung independent gem existing a decade before The Office was meme-ed stupid and two years before Office Space became a renowned classic.

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