Heavy ★★★★★

So perfectly Midwestern you just wanna lean back in your old Cadillac outside the local pub, smoke a cigarette and listen to Bedhead. It's all about what's between the lines, the old mug stains on the bar counter, the subtly in what we say and don't say, and how the sign glows dimly every night, the bar food is still no deliveries -- pick-up only. James Mangold masterfully makes moments that represent so much with showing so little, making my heart melt into reminiscent feelgoods. This is the illustration of what indie movies are really about; highlighting the mundane in a sweet, sarcastic, like-home way. The feelings illuminating off the screen, flawed characters hiding their insecurities under dusty roads and washed up dreams. You know it's a bona fide indie classic when Debbie Harry plays scornful barmaid! It may tell you this is a story about an awkward dude falling in love with the bewitching Liv Tyler (she's so captivating here, like it's unreal) is really how we meet people who are a catalyst for change, floating through our lives like an evanescent dream, and accepting the things we cannot have in all aspects of life.

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