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  • Tremble All You Want

    Tremble All You Want

    eto yoshika, born: october
    she is beauty, she is clumsy, she is the quintessential libra sun

    the libra, also symbolized by the scales, is known for their process of deliberation; this film unfolds around yoshika who is stuck between her decade-long crush and new office admirer, but her indecisiveness and lack of confidence leads to an ambiguous ending that leaves me torn between whether she has healthily moved on or just passively accepted reality

    (i would also bet her ammonite…

  • The Lighthouse

    The Lighthouse

    if ya could spill yer beans, woodja

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  • One Cut of the Dead

    One Cut of the Dead

    it's not a zombie movie, it's a cinephile movie - you tell me which is scarier

  • Saving Mr. Wu

    Saving Mr. Wu

    the editing is an absolute nightmare; time jumps from before kidnapping to after to before again and it does literally Nothing to clarify or improve the story. ideally, the interweaving pieces would come together and reveal something new about the kidnappers and/or motive, but it just left me feeling more confused with each cut. the concept is there, but the execution falls so flat... andy lau deserved better </3