Edwin Davies

Edwin Davies


British person abroad. I have ridden the mighty moon worm!

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  • Intimate Stranger

    Intimate Stranger


    Deeply personal essay film in which Berliner investigates the life of his grandfather, who passed away years before, using audio from friends and family to craft an often contradictory portrait of a fascinating person. A film whose editing thrums with nervous energy.

  • Edge of the City

    Edge of the City


    The actual plot of the movie feels a little rote, particularly the conflict between Cassavetes, Poitier and Jack Warden as the racist supervisor to takes exception to their friendship, but that friendship is dynamite. The scenes of Cassavetes and Poitier hanging out and getting to know each other are fantastic, full of wonderful chemistry and two performers at total ease with each other. Shame that those scenes keep getting interrupted by the story.

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