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  • Bringing Up Baby
  • The Bird with the Crystal Plumage
  • Washington Square
  • Desire

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  • Another Me

  • The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies


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  • Minari



    I dream america 
    cotton candy sweet america 
    honeydew and ice cream america 

    I close my eyes and see america 
    old world scorned 
    old earth scorched clean 

    I close my eyes and see america 
    I close my eyes and dream

    america, I forgive you
    my veins, your roots 
    half of me, untethered 
    half of you, hand-me-down blame

    pulled up bootstrap america 
    I think we’re all the same 

    we’ll try another city, baby
    maybe there’s a green land tucked away 
    we’ll make…

  • Paper Moon

    Paper Moon


    we just have to keep on veering, that's all.”

    this movie is so many things to me. It’s my anxiety forcing me to miss days and days of school. It’s me waking up at 6am and begging my dad not to make me go because I just can’t deal with it all again today. this movie is my dad driving me all around our small town, and into the city, and up and down every highway. It’s my dad stopping…

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