Pet Sematary II

Pet Sematary II ★★★★

“I really wanted to get into the idea of what goes on in a teenage boy's head, on why they do stupid things.” -- director Mary Lambert

PET SEMATARY TWO is the hotter, crazier, more lurid pick of the duo. A wildly entertaining dogpile of metal riffs, xeroxed Stephen King-isms and brutal gore, this is the crowning achievement by visionary music video director Mary Lambert -- and that’s even taking into consideration her iconic clip for Madonna’s “Material Girl”.

Fresh from T2, Eddie Furlong angsts his way through some dank teen whatever, but the inimitable Clancy Brown (STARSHIP TROOPERS, THE SHAWSHANK REDEMPTION) steals the show with a full-tilt savage portrayal of a toxic asshole who becomes one of the living dead.