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This review may contain spoilers.

"And have you noticed that everybody white wanna be black?"
"Everybody wanna be black, but nobody wanna be black."

"If you want to keep it really real, never get out of the ghetto, stay broke, and continue to add to my multibillion-dollar corporation, keep buying all my gear! We keep it so real, we give you the bullet holes!"

"Slavery did not end 400 years ago. Slavery ended in 1865."

"You know what? Let me tell you what's funny. It's funny how a man always has to perceive an attractive young lady as having to fuck or suck somebody in order to get to the top. It doesn't have anything to do with the fact that I'm intelligent, maybe? Or have anything to do with the fact that I have drive? That doesn't matter?"

You lucky I ain't read "Wretched" yet

No words of mine can do justice to what this film aims to do, to provoke, to effect. Depictions of blackface in all of its real/historical and possible incarnations. A reality check about race into the skull.

This was made in 2000. It is now more relevant than it was when first released. Or was this always relevant? America is a forgetful being, who's now awakening to what they've wrought upon others. The history of America is the history of white supremacy, if I remember it right.

(Please read Franz Fanon. Rest in power, George Floyd and every victim of police brutality and state oppression.)

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