Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood

Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood ★★★½

Tarantino always make great movies and this was no exception though it is one of his weakest movies in my opinion.
It lacked the classical Tarantino dialogue and the story felt too simple and at times it felt like there were no story.
DiCaprio and Pitt were a great match and everyone in the cast did great but the charachter of Sharon Tate seemed unnecessary and even though Margot Robbie did great, the movie used too much time on her and it should have been cut down to a quick cameo.
The movie had a great soundtrack and was beautiful to look at but some of the scenes dragged on for too long and focused a lot on Rick Daltons movies and it felt like we saw multiple scenes from different movies all the time and they didnt do much for the movie that we went to see. 
I was still satisfied but i wanted more from a Tarantino movie, it also probably would have helped if i understood the references to the 60s but that is of course not his fault that i am too young to understand it all. I also expected the movie to focus more on the Manson family but they were not really around most of the time.

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