Frances Ha

Frances Ha ★★★★★

“tell me the story of us.”

so much love is formed just within the first two minutes of frances ha. it opens on frances & sophie play fighting; it’s childlike and free. frances is holding onto what is simple, a love based on something sweet. we see her head resting on sophie’s shoulder as they ride the subway, or a snapshot of both of them leaning their weight on a pole. frances describes how a meal she’s cooking turned out different than expected as sophie grabs plates from a cabinet. they sit on opposite ends of a couch with their feet meeting in the center as they are absorbed by their own activities, but are still connected, still offering attention to each other. frances loses her temper during a board game – a reaction that only comes out when a certain level of comfort is established with someone. they often share them same bed, and know each other’s quirks, and never leave out the “i” in “i love you”.

they are the heart of the story. and within two minutes, we know where everything is going. we know everything we need to know. we know these two are each other’s person, and they will always seek out the other in a crowd.

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