• Melancholia



    i am... drained, gonna go sit on a stack of chairs just to feel something

  • Summertime



    i lost it when the gondola kid refused to tell katharine hepburn that she was about to fall backwards into the canal but was still quick enough to yank the camera out of her hands as she was falling. ending was sweet though 😢

  • Bay of Angels

    Bay of Angels


    a movie about risking it all for jeanne moreau, a concept i can get on board with

  • Blow Out

    Blow Out


    unfortunate that travolta was not there to record my scream when my internet went out during the last ten minutes. it was a good scream. 

    anyway good movie! even better when you finally get to see the ending!

  • Brief Encounter

    Brief Encounter

    my name is also laura and i have had meltdowns over encounters much more brief than this where’s my movie

  • The Red Shoes

    The Red Shoes


    passion is like a spotlight that breeds desire & control. everyone wants to be near it, to claim a piece of it. and eventually that attention and expectation becomes too much. and you can’t wait to take it off.

  • Two Days, One Night

    Two Days, One Night


    funny how many people are unable to make their decision before finding out how others have responded. what do we base our beliefs on if we have nothing to compare it to? what happens to our humanity then? the dardennes ask those questions better than anyone else; without judgment but not without responsibility. so often we don’t know what to do when the decision is ours. marion cotillard!!

  • The Kid with a Bike

    The Kid with a Bike


    cannot get the image of wes removing a speck of dirt from cyril’s eye with a rolling paper out of my head — not that i want to. the dardenne brothers know their characters so well that every detail feels so natural, even when it’s something you’ve never experienced or felt for yourself before.

  • Pig



    literally the opposite of a revenge film but the way it’s presented is so fascinating and keeps you wondering if it’s going to flip into different territory. maybe it’s just our expectations of human nature that lead us to believe things will go awry. it’s anticlimactic but beautiful. there’s so many details i could get into, but i’d rather you experience it all for yourself. goodness transfers over by a touch or a gesture. by remembering. it jolts you when you feel it given to you & becomes something you’ll never forget.

  • Moonstruck



    everything is just a degree above reality, in the way that everything becomes whimsical & feels within reach once you start to pay attention. when you are able to recognize patterns, nothing feels accidental. the couple at the sweetheart liquor store bicker playfully as you come in and out, the moon belongs to you and anyone that sees it, the curse is broken, the pieces fall into place. and yet even when you try to follow a certain path, love finds a way to surprise you and put you in a trance.

  • The Apartment

    The Apartment


    gonna start using my old softball glove as an oven mitt. maybe the best reminder of why i love movies!! love when you can’t decide which character you identify with most: baxter turning off the tv because he is too impatient to watch an ad, or fran cutting her hair because it made her nervous.

  • Personal Shopper

    Personal Shopper


    my mom talked me into buying the criterion of this at the b&n sale bc she said she wanted to watch it and then ended up sleeping through half of it... she’s an enabler